Leonardo DiCaprio and his selfie stick

Leonardo DiCaprio

Are you getting ish for using a selfie stick? Don’t even worry about it, because now you can just come back with, “Leonardo DiCaprio uses one, so back off.” (That’s not guaranteed to work, but it’s better than just standing there and feeling ashamed.)

The A-list celeb was spotted strolling the streets of New York City, and aside from his long locks pulled back into a baseball cap and that extremely bushy beard he’s got going on, there was one thing we just couldn’t ignore—Leonardo DiCaprio was walking around the Big Apple holding a selfie stick.

There’s no telling if Leo was making a video for pals or just snapping a few pictures for the fun of it, because he hasn’t documented any of his glorious captures on any of his social media.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Perhaps the 40-year-old star was FaceTiming his mom? After all, these two are extremely close.

In fact, DiCaprio recently made headlines after he dropped more than $13,000 on a Chanel purse for his leading lady while attending the Heart Fund Gala in Cannes. A blue Neoprene flap bag with embroidered flowers, the purse was sold as part of an auction to benefit the charity. Leo told reporters that he purchased the accessory for his mom.

But it wasn’t exactly an easy purchase. He was in a bidding war against Paris Hilton, 34, who was just as anxious to snag that designer bag. Even though she didn’t win the coveted purse, she didn’t play the role of a sore loser. A source told People at the time that both she and Leo were enthusiastic members of the auction all night long.

“Paris was great. She bid on many things, and Leo did too,” the source said. “Both her and Leo were so active during the entire auction. It was really nice to see.”


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