Kevin Gates On Wife Dreka & 3Somes: “You Know How I Know Her Pu$$y Tastes Good? Because Other Women Like To Suck It Off My D!ck” (Wildest Angela Yee ‘Lip Service’ Interview Ever)

Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates were recent guests on Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” and they didn’t hold anything back. This is definitely one of the most entertaining interviews we’ve ever seen.

The two talked about getting married after 13 years, her handling all the business aspects of his career, how they make up after arguments, her helping him believe in himself, waiting a year before sex, their 2 kids, the taste of her pu$$y.

“You know how I know her pu$$y tastes good? Because other women like to suck it off my d!ck,” Kevin said. “They be like, ‘what did you put on it?’ I didn’t put nothing, that’s Dreka.”

They went on to talk about rules to their threesomes. If Dreka isn’t there Kevin can’t go in alone, but she can have sex with another girl if Kevin isn’t there, making her gag turning her on, him whipping his d*** out anytime and anywhere, him looking at a woman’s mouth first and imagining putting his d!ck in it

“This the rawest a$$ interview I ever been on,” Kevin admitted.

Watch it below.



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