Get To Know The Real Yo Gotti & His Family In This ‘Born Hustler’ Documentary


It’s appropriate that Yo Gotti named his new album “The Art of Hustle” because he learned from a very young age that he had to grind in the streets to get what he wanted.

In the documentary titled “Born Hustler” the Memphis rapper introduces us to his mother, Geraldine Mims a.k.a Gerry.

“I was in the streets,” Gerry says. “Young … boosting. I went from boosting to selling pills to the big things. That’s what I did for many years.”

We also meet Anthony “Jook” Mims, Gotti’s older brother.

“My mom real big, like she real known in North Memphis. She was like our John Gotti, really,” Jook explains. “She supplied a lot of people in our apartments. She had that respect.”

Gotti took the things he learned in the streets and applied them to his career. He’s a success story by every definition and proof that as a young black man coming from a rough environment you can go legitimate and become a role model.

“Everybody went to jail,” Gotti says. “It ain’t no f*cking rocket science that I was going to. I knew that and I had accepted that, but I was trying to beat the time if I could. If I could I was trying to beat the time, my time before the time came to switch my hustle. Which was the art of hustle. It’s to take these same steps, these same rules, these same laws, these same principles and apply ’em. Into music, into real estate, into the restaurant business, into the trucking business, into the clothing business. Into all the sh!t that I do. That’s the art of hustle.”


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