Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Rips Donald Trump’s Election: “I Thought We Were Better Than This. This Isn’t The Jerry Springer Show”


A full day after Republican Donald Trump was elected to be America’s 45th president, feelings for many Hillary Clinton supporters were still raw.

There have been protests across the country in Houston, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Minnesota, Boston and other major cities.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr didn’t mince words about Trump’s election during a press conference prior to his team’s game against the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday, November 9th.

“Maybe we should have seen it coming over the last ten years. You look at society and you look at what’s popular. People are getting paid millions of dollars to go on TV and scream at each other,” Kerr said. “Whether it’s in sports or politics. I guess it was only a matter of time before it spilled into politics. All of a sudden you’re faced with reality. The man who is going to lead you is routinely racist, misogynist, insulting words. That’s a tough one.”

“I wish him well. Hope he’s a good president. I have no idea what kind of president he will be because he hasn’t said anything about what he’s going to do. We don’t know. But it’s tough when you want there to be some respect and dignity … and there hasn’t been any.. And then you walk into a room with your daughter and your wie, who’ve basically been insulted by his comments, and they’re distraught. And you walk in and you see the faces of your players, most of them who have been insulted directly as minorities, it’s sort of shocking. It really is. We talked about it as a team this morning. I don’t know what else to say.”

Steve Kerr — “this is my rant” — for 2+ minutes on the presidential election: “Maybe we should’ve seen this coming”

Here are Steve Kerr’s complete comments on Donald Trump and the election. Do read:


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