DJ Khaled Gets His Own Retro Video Game With Champ Sports’ ‘Secure the Bag’

Major Keys aren’t just for the real world. On Friday (Jan 13), Champs Sports released the new retro video game Secure the Bag, promoting the new DJ Khaled and New England heritage brand Timberland boot collaboration.

In the game, Khaled is tasked with making it to the boot release in time on a jet ski going through three levels: Prehistoric Miami, Viking Miami and Future Miami


The desktop and mobile game features Khaled zooming through various terrain, knocking out villains or, the now-popularized term coined by Khaled, “they.” Players collect points in the game along the way and try not to lose all of their lives — as Khaled often says, “Don’t play yourself”


Not about child’s play but no stranger to fan love and inspiration, Khaled recently teamed up with to launch an ad campaign encouraging students to stay in school and get good grades. In a short clip, Khaled gives keys to living healthy: Start your day with a quick meditation, speak words of affirmation to yourself, and set realistic goals and achieve them


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