Fat Joe Amazed By New Yorkers Support Of His Mission To Aid Puerto Rico

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Rapper Fat Joe has been left stunned by the generosity and support of New Yorkers as he battles to help Puerto Ricans left stranded by Hurricane Maria.

The “Lean Back” hitmaker, who has been a big part of the celebrity recovery effort, has been filling planes with supplies ever since the Category 5 storm ravaged the island last month.

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Appearing on CNN on Wednesday morning (October 4), Joe said, “We set out a goal with Jay-Z… to fill up one plane with 200,000 pounds (of supplies), and actually we filled up five planes, and we gotta fill up another five more. “We’re at two million pounds that the city of New York has collected.”

The rap star felt compelled to help when he heard relatives were “stranded” without power after the storm.


“As U.S. citizens, Puerto Rico has paid their part,” he added. “I have two little cousins that’s in the army right now, willing to give their life for this country. And the fact that it took so long to get any help out there, that’s what I mean.

“So we had to mobilize and power ourselves to collect canned foods and waters and women’s hygiene and toothpaste to give back to our own community, and that we did.”

Fat Joe will join Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and others for the TIDAL X concert on October 17.

All proceeds will benefit natural disaster relief.


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