Big fool Donald Trump Mocked for Saying He Spoke to Virgin Islands ‘President’ — Who Happens to Be Himself

It was a moment that should have made President Donald Trump realize, “Oh, it me.”

Trump was under fire Friday after saying he’d spoken with the president of the Virgin Islands — who, as many on Twitter were quick to point out, is actually Trump himself.

Trump was apparently referring to the Virgin Islands’ governor, Kenneth Mapp, when he told the crowd at Thursday’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., that he’d recently met with “the president of the Virgin Islands.”

The Virgin Islands is a U.S. island territory that was ravaged by Hurricane Maria after first being hit by Hurricane Irma.

“We are one nation and we all hurt together, we hope together and we heal together,” Trump said, later adding, “The Virgin Islands and the president of the Virgin Islands, these are people that are incredible people, they suffered gravely and we’ll be there, we’re going to be there, we have really, it is not even a question of a choice.”

Trump’s reference to Mapp as president was corrected to “governor” in the official White House transcript released after the speech.


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