Most Liked Instagram Post for 2017

The list of most liked posts on Instagram for 2017 has been released.

On top of the list was Beyonce’s post where she was announcing she was pregnant with twins, which received over 11 million likes


The photo that scooped the number two spot was Cristiano Ronaldo announcing the birth of his new baby, which received over 11 million likes as well.


Singer, Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant picture was number three with over 10 million likes.

 BeyonceFourth place had Beyonce cradling her newborns Rumi and Sir. She was standing in front of flowers. That too had over 10 million likes.

 BeyonceFifth place was Ronaldo cradling his twins. That one had over eight million likes.


Former lovers, Selena and The Weeknd in an embrace was number six with over eight million likes. They have since gone their separate ways, with Selena now dating Justin Bieber again.

 BeyonceThe seventh place went to Selena and The Weeknd on the red carpet at the Met Gala in May.


Eighth place was Ronaldo with his twins and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriquez, as well as his  son Ronaldo Jr.

 BeyonceIn the ninth place, was Gomez again in a Vogue post for her April cover. She wore big hoops and a floral top for the fashion bible.


The last on the list,  went to Selena on her birthday where she had cake on her face as she sat on her kitchen counter. The singer  has the most Instagram followers with 130 million


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