Beyonce Ups Her Backup Dancer Game a Week Before Coachella


A Beyhive of dancers is about to descend upon Coachella next week —  the number has swelled from about a dozen to 100

Sources tell us Beyonce has upped her game for her Coachella performance next weekend. Bey made the decision for a ten-fold increase just this week.

Our sources also say Bey has moved her rehearsals to a much larger studio. And, of course, all the new hires have signed non-disclosure agreements.

From what we’re hearing, Beyonce feels the pressure for some shock and awe … especially after canceling her festival gig last year due to her pregnancy. We’re told her stage at Coachella will have all the fixings of an epic performance — lights, visuals … the works.

We broke the story … Beyonce has been putting in 11-hour days rehearsing for the festival, with at least 7 security guards roaming the grounds to ensure a top-secret environment.

At this point, we’re told not even her own execs at her record company know what’s going on behind closed doors. So, if it’s anticipation she’s going for … she’s for sure got it.


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