Amber Heard Donates 7 Figures to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Amber Heard finally put her Johnny Depp money where her mouth was … holding up her end of the bargain and donating a HUGE chunk of her settlement dough to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

TMZ’s learned “Ms. Amber Heard” landed on CHLA’s “Honor Roll” list of 2017 donors after donating between $1 mil and $4,999,999. Ronald Burkle, AEG and the American Cancer Society are also listed with Amber.

We broke the story … Amber and Johnny struck a $7 million settlement in their nasty divorce case back in 2016 … when she promised to donate the entire settlement in equal parts to CHLA and the ACLU. As part of the deal, Johnny donated $100k to each org in Amber’s name and she’d donate the rest when she got the rest of the money.

At the time, Amber told us she chose the ACLU “with a particular focus to stop violence against women,” and CHLA where she worked as a volunteer for the last 10 years.

Problem was … several months passed and CHLA’s money was MIA. Reason being … Amber and Johnny hadn’t signed off on the deal. But, all’s water under the bridge


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