CRIP ALERT! Out for Fool Kanye West

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Daz Dillinger has never been one to hold his tongue and he isn’t holding back now. Tha Dogg Pound producer has been a Hip-Hop resident since the 1990’s.

Daz helped usher in the new wave of Hip-Hop with his productions at Death Row Records. Most notably Daz is known for the hits he produced for Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur.

Being a known Crip, Daz isn’t afraid to speak on politics that come with dealing with such a faction. Recently he spoke out about Cardi B after a Instagram caption dissing Crips got her into hot waters.

Now Daz is speaking out about Kanye West after the music titan made reference to the group in his latest release. “Ye Vs The People” was released this Friday and features Kanye rapping alongside T.I.

One line on the record features Kanye making reference to the Crips and Daz isn’t too happy about that.

“Like a gang truce, the first Blood to shake the Crips hand,”raps Kanye West on “Ye Vs The People.”

That line didn’t sit well with Daz as he stated that Kanye isn’t the Crip president and shouldn’t speak on Crip matters. Daz would later take to Instagram and banned Kanye from Long Beach and Los Angeles, although he gave Yeezy as a pass to stay in Calabasas. LOL!

It’s not looking too good for Yeezy, since he has a mansion and his business in the city


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