Adidas CEO Says Kanye Is Not A “Major Source Of Revenue” For The Company

In one of his many tweetstorms, Kanye West said his Yeezy sneaker was outselling Michael Jordan’s legendary Air Jordan sneaker.

The rap star claimed he was the “single highest paid person” in footwear and that he was making more money than His Airness.

Michael Jordan raked in $100 million in 2017 from the sale of his kicks, while Yeezy took down $10 million in 2016 in an exclusive deal with Adidas.

During a recent earnings call, Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted said Kanye’s sneaks are “not a major source of revenue for the company.”


Rorsted also said Kanye was important to Adidas only for “brand heat.” But that heat could be cooling off after controversial comments Kanye made during an interview earlier this week when he said “slavery was a choice” for African-Americans in the United States. The comments have been widely condemned by everyone ranging from T.I. and John Legend, to Snoop Dogg.


But Adidas’ CEO refused to comment on Kanye’s remarks, even as a petition is being circulated for the German sportswear giant to drop the rap star.

“There clearly are some comments we don’t support,” Kasper Adidas’ CEO Rorsted said on the call, adding that he planned to have a chat with Kanye West this week.


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