Megan Fox Sues for $5 Mil Over ‘Nightmarish Living Hell’ Malibu Home

Megan Fox got duped into buying a Malibu home that turned out to be a hellhole … according to a new suit.

The actress claims Cynthia Pett-Dante — who happens to manage Brad Pitt — was part of a seller group that convinced her to drop $3.2 million on a Malibu house in 2016, but failed to mention it was riddled with major problems.

According to the docs … Fox was pregnant at the time and raising 2 toddlers, and led to believe she was buying a “paradise in bucolic Malibu where she could raise her young family..”

Instead, Fox claims the home is a “nightmarish living hell.” For starters, she says it’s on a slope that needs to be regraded, and a bunch of features are not up to code — including animal pens, a gazebo, stone walls, and a storage building for livestock feed.

According to the docs … there was also mold all over the house upon moving in, including in the master bedroom and bathroom and the kids’ rooms. Fox is suing for more than $5 million in damages



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