Tracy Morgan ‘Hating’ On Tiffany Haddish


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Lil Rel feels Tracy Morgan disrespected and “hated” on Tiffany Haddish during a recent interview — and says Tracy’s show, “The Last O.G.,” would be irrelevant without her!!!

Rel — who starred on “The Carmichael Show” with Haddish — is responding to Morgan’s appearance on ‘Vulture Spot‘ last week when he was asked if it’s been cool watching Tiffany’s career blow up!

“We’re not gonna go there,” Morgan said … “because this isn’t Tiffany’s show. This is Tracy Morgan. This is ‘The Last O.G.'”

He continued, “You gonna ask that about Tiffany, ask that about Cedric [the Entertainer] and ask that about craft services.”

Morgan says he was trying to make the point he didn’t want to “just shine a light on Tiffany.”

But, Rel ain’t havin’ it and went off on Morgan on Twitter, saying, “This is one hating ass dude right here.”

“That show would be nothing if @TiffanyHaddish wasn’t on it… Don’t bite the hand that keeps you relevant!!!”

We should note Rel only posted a portion of the ‘Vulture’ interview — but we found the expanded version in which Morgan tries to do some damage control saying … he “loves” Tiffany and considers all of the actors on his show to be a family.


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