Damn! That beef between Drake and Push is going to another level already

Drake is somewhere sulking, I bet. I don’t hate the dude. I just wish he would have lost in battle as opposed to the way he lost. We still don’t know if OG J. Prince called it or if Drake simply needed a way out. Either way, he took that loss. The fact we have not heard from Drake lets you know he’s not taking this well at all. Hopefully, he can come back stronger like Meek Mill has.

Now, Pusha T may be facing a much bigger issue. Photos! Photographers have people that scour the internet looking to sue people over violations in licences. Well, the boy went and used a photogrpaher’s photograph without permission in the war against Drake. That c00n pic was a mighty blow against Drizzy! But will it also be a huge blow against Push? According to MTO, Push is about to be sued for $5 million! Peep this BS!

MTO News learned that Drake has just fired his first OFFICIAL shot at Pusha T. According to our TOP snitches, Pusha T will shortly be hit with a $5 MILLION lawsuit. We’re told to expect the lawsuit ANY DAY NOW.

A top snitch insider Drake’s OVO camp told MTO News, “Pusha T is a dummy. He used that Blackface photo for his album artwork, and he never got clearances. He’s going to have to pay.”

MTO News learned that a legal team is amassing to SUE Pusha T – and force him to turn over somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 MILLION. Drake’s team fully supports the legal move.

The OVO insider told MTO News, “They’re gonna BREAK that n\gga. He’s gonna be back in the trap after the lawyers are done with him”*

So this is what is comes to? Hopefully, Drake has nothing to do with this f*ckery. It would represent another knock against him. As for the notion that they are going to “break” Push – FOH. Sounds like some foolishness! I hope that we can just keep it Hip-Hop, but as you see, it is increasingly BS all woven into rap


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