Here’s Why Sean Paul Turned Down A Cardi B Collab

Sean Paul visits Music Choice at Music Choice on March 21, 2018 in New York City

Sean Paul has consistently been one of the artists at the forefront of dancehall music in the mainstream. The owner of countless radio hits, Sean Paul is a Jamaican legend, keeping the genre alive and thriving through his contributions. With many using Paul as an influence in their own music, he has been critical of artists who use dancehall vibes in their music without crediting the extensive sources behind the sound. The “Temperature” singer has namely taken issue with Drake dabbling in Jamaican influences, calling him out last year. One artist that the superstar would love to work with is Cardi B, however, their last attempt at a collaboration did not go entirely as planned.

Eventually nixing the track altogether, Sean Paul revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he was presented with a demo featuring Cardi B. Telling her that he would love to get in the studio one day, the hitmaker elaborated on why their collab never came to be. “There was a production team that I worked with years ago that I left a demo with. Someone chopped up the song and put Cardi in it. I didn’t want it to be that someone put part of her song from some other thing with part of my song from some other thing, so I stopped it from happening. So, I sent word to her saying that I want to work in the studio with her.”

It turns out that Sean Paul wasn’t into the shotty authenticity of mixing and matching production with pre-existing verses, saying he would absolutely be open to working with Cardi B if they meet up in the stu. Hopefully, a collaboration between the two surfaces someday. In the meantime, check out the rest of his extensive interview with ET here.


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