Madonna’s Not Impressed With New Music: “Everyone Sounds The Same”

Although this year has brought us some pretty good albums and singles - Scorpion, Liberation, the numerous G.O.O.D. Music releases, Everything Is Love, Lost and Found, Testing and lots more in different genres, Madonna's still left unpleased saying there's no distinction between all the sounds. The 59-year-old pop singer recently chatted with Vogue Italia and talked about the current landscape of music, in her eyes. Madonna is... Continue Reading →


Adidas Sales Outpacing Nike In North America:

Nike still reigns supreme in North America but Adidas is steadily gaining on the sportswear giant. According to reports, Adidas' sales in North America grew by 16% in the quarter through June, whereas Nike was up just 3%, ending a three-quarter stretch of negative sales. The iconic Adidas Superstar and Stan Smith silhouettes were largely responsible for... Continue Reading →

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