Kanye West Trolled With Ruthless Meme On Twitter After Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Campaign

Image result for kanye west slavery was a choice ad

Colin Kaepernick’s new Nike campaign was a welcome sight for many. Unfortunately, it led others to boycott the major brand and burn their existing Nike products. While the star quarterback still does not have a job in the NFL, he is at least getting support from one of the largest companies in the world, especially within the sports realm. The campaign uses a photo of Kaepernick with words written over his image spelling, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” That is precisely what Colin did when he protested during the National Anthem. Somebody saw an opportunity to crack a joke at Kanye’s expense and now, as things do, the meme is traveling everywhere.

The mockup is Adidas’ version of the same advertising campaign, depicting Yeezy in a similar fashion with words sprawled over his face. However, instead of an inspirational message, the most famous words from Ye’s TMZ Live rant a few months ago are highlighted. “Slavery was a choice” is juxtaposed on the hitmaker’s visage with an Adidas logo on his neck. Obviously, this is not a real advertisement. It is, however, spreading like wildfire.

Many figures in the culture have commented on Kaepernick’s new campaign for Nike with most praising him for continuing to spread his message and raise awareness. Whether you’re for it or against it, it’s hard not to form an opinion about what the football star has been doing.


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