Drake Dedicates Last Night’s Boston Concert To Mac Miller


The sudden news of Mac Miller’s passing rocked everyone associated with the rap medium, including Drake who dedicated his Boston concert to the late rapper. Before immersing himself in his set, Drake took a moment to pay tribute to his “late friend Mac Miller,” who he said was always kind to him in passing. Mac Miller once famously boasted, “I’m still playing it out the same speakers, I did it all without a Drake feature” on his 2014 track “Here We Go.” Needless to say, both men appeared to be on good-to-great terms before his passing.

Drake wrapped up his emotionally charged message by segueing into “Emotionless” from his Scorpion LP. “We about to go in for Mac tonight,” he shouted energetically. He among others including Solange, Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi and J. Cole corroborated the sentiment, that Miller was in fact among the kindest souls in the music industry.

Mac Miller was found dead in his home of an apparent overdose. The entire hip hop community is essentially in a grievous, because Mac Miller was in essence, very difficult to root against, for lack of a better expression. There is no further information regarding the cause of his death, as of this writing


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