Tiffany Haddish & Katt Williams Win Emmys In “Best Guest Actor” Category

Do the "Creative Emmys" count as "silverware?" The answer is indubitably yes, an Emmy is an Emmy, they just don't all come with the same fanfare. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards are in place to recognize the more unheralded cultural contributors: the technicians, the actors in guest roles, animation work, weekly segments (production) and things of that nature that never make... Continue Reading →


Cardi B Gets A Signature Tom Ford Lipstick Colour

Emerging from the storm of controversy surrounding her altercation with Nicki Minaj (shoe-throwing, name-calling), comes a more neutral (although not in colour) piece of Cardi B news. Tom Ford has named a shade of lipstick in honour of Cardi, and if Cardi's Instagram is anything to go be there's more "to come." The colour itself is a bold cobalt blue that would... Continue Reading →

Eminem’s “Kamikaze” Is Officially Billboard’s No. 1 Album With 434,000 Sold

Billboard has officially released its sales tally for last week and as everyone projected, Eminem dusted off the competition. In fact, Eminem's numbers for Kamikaze were so good they exceeded the revised total of 400K sold by about 34,000 equivalent units, 252,000 of which represented traditional sales figures (actual purchases). By comparison, Eminem's last album Revival sold 267,000 units when it debuted at no. 1... Continue Reading →

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