Tyson Beckford Continues To Go At Kim Kardashian

Tyson Beckford

It looks like Tyson Beckford isn’t done with Kim Kardashian just quite yet. After going at Kim for her lopsided hips & butt injections a few months ago, which resulted in a response from Kim & even Kanye West for that matter, Tyson is now going at Kim with some more lewd emojis, alluding to him having sexual relations with here.

Tyson took the most recent selfie post Kim put up, sticking out her tongue seductively, and placed his own emoji avatar on it while sticking its “eggplant” in her open mouth. The caption read “meanwhile, she over there doing this” as it looked as if she was sucking him off.

Tyson shared the lewd photo on his IG story, where TheShadeRoom got a rip of it and posted onto their IG account Tuesday night. The photo seems a bit harsh if you ask me, especially since Kim appears to be just minding her own business.

Who knows why Tyson is going at Kim specifically, but he clearly has a lot of animosity on his chest for the reality star and eagerly wants to pick another online fight with her. It’s possible he’s still angry over Kim’s “sis” comment from last time or he’s enjoying his refound relevance again, but whatever it is, people on Twitter think he’s acting like a “bitch” for continuously attacking Kim.

Check out Tyson’s latest attack at Kim (below) and keep it locked as I’m sure Kim or Kanye will have something to say about this one sooner or later.


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