50 Cent Call Jim Jones “So Dirty” @uzinigerdelta

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50 Cent & Jim Jones are back to their trolling ways today on Instagram. Earlier today, Jim Jones shared a clip of him explaining his disappointment in going down to Miami to give the weather report with Hurricane Michael in state, but instead it was all sunny skies. Jones made the clip from what looks to be his condo or crib as he appears to have just woken up and not gotten himself together yet, but 50 Cent saw an opportunity to throw some shade. Making fun of his appearane, 50 jumped in the comments of Jones and asked him why he looked so dirty, before saying he needs to get it together being that from Harlem.

“Damn Jimmy, why you look so Dirty? What the fuck is going on, you from Harlem, get it together,” 50 wrote.

Of course, Jim caught wind of the comment and responded with some shade of his own, clapping back, “@50Cent, I appreciate the advise but I heard Ebro said he will fuck u up wit ur security he said u hid NC behind the goons I said nah 50 really can box he dont want tht whts up champ wht u gone do.”

This back & forth exchange comes just hours after finding out that Jim was hit with 5 felony charges stemming from his arrest in Georgia this past June.



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