Jay-Z Smiles And Usher Hit The Studio @uzinigerdelta

Jay Z, singer Beyonce Knowles and Usher attend Usher's Private Grammy Party hosted by Entertainment Weekly held at the Geisha House on February 13, 2005 in Hollywood, California

When you think of the most influential artists in hip-hop and R&B, there are a few names that come to mind. Obviously, Jay-Z is largely viewed as one of the greatest rappers ever, influencing the styles of so many across the world. When it comes soul and R&B, Usher created so many classic hits that he has to be considered one of the best of his time. Jay and Usher have collaborated in the past but we haven’t heard them mesh together in years. It looks like their collaborative drought may be coming to an end though because they were photographed together alongside Mark Pitts in the studio.

Pitts has produced many of Usher’s songs so it’s no surprise to see him in the room. Usher posted the image to Instagram, converting it to black and white as both artists show off their big smiles. He used the caption, “STRENGTH IN THE NUMBER!!” which was also used in Pitts’ version of the shot.

Jay-Z notably just got off tour with his wife, ending the On The Run II experience just a few days ago. To see him already back in the studio has us excited about the possibility of solo Jay music coming soon. Especially considering Watch The Throne 2 seems even more unlikely after today.


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