50 Cent Gifts Tekashi 6ix9ine With Iced Out Asthma Pump For His Breathing Issues @uzinigerdelta

: Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson attends the 'POWER' Season 5 Premiere at Radio City Music Hall on June 28, 2018 in New York City.

Tekashi 6ix9ine was sarcastically dubbed the fastest man alive by the internet after a video of him racing on foot went viral. Some video savvy internet comedian decided to cut Tekashi out of the race, and paste his frantic running in several movie scenes. In the hilarious video, Tekashi runs from The Hulk, ducks cars explosions, outruns orcs from Lord of the Rings, and escapes a flood among other amusing scenarios.

Tekashi has some self-awareness and humor at least, as he and 50 Cent reference the video in a new clip. 50 has been playing the role of a concerned father figure for Tekashi online for months now. Continuing the facade, 50 and Tekashi sit down at a table in their latest comedic clip. 50 asks Tekashi how he’s doing in school, citing good grades as being important. Once 50 touches on the subject of gym class, Tekashi claims that he is the fastest kid in the world but his asthma holds him back. On queue, Tekashi is presented with an iced out asthma pump choker.

The rainbow-haired rapper is amazed as he tests out the device, which actually shoots out the medicine to combat asthma. It looks like 50 really does care about Tekashi’s well being.



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