50 Cent Reacts To Ebro’s Comments On 6ix9ine: “You Working With Police”

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In all the fallout and commentary that has touched down in the wake of the Tekashi 6ix9ine arrest, Ebro’s voice rang the loudest. Ebro addressed the situationon Hot 97, delivering a scathing warning to youth who may have looked up to Tekashi. He used facts given to Hot 97 by the NYPD, and connected the dots to create a very convincing narrative.

50 Cent didn’t enjoy the fact Ebro used a source within the NYPD, and called him out for receiving intel from the cops. 50 took a screenshot of our article pertaining to Ebro’s use of the NYPD intel, and posted it to his Instagram with the message, “👀@oldmanebro you working with police 🤷🏽‍♂️why the police sending you intel.”

Ebro has snapped back at ‘Fif, claiming that he’s just doing his job. “Stop being a weirdo @50cent,” wrote Ebro on an Instagram post of his own. “I work for a media company and help people get info, I’m hiding nothing.” Making a bold move, Ebro then plays on the decade old rumor that Fif has been working for the police himself. “You seem to never get in trouble, but everyone around you does? Peculiar,” concluded the Hot 97 host. This won’t end here.



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