50 Cent Warns Fans Of “Fake Promotion” For Paris Show: “Do Not Buy Tickets”

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A concert promotion company called Concert France announced that 50 Cent will be making a stop in Paris on New Years. They have been advertising the event since September. The concert date seems to have gained enough traction to prompt 50 Cent to expose the whole deal as a scam. According to the rapper, he is not set to play any shows in Paris on January 1, 2019.

The entrepreneur uploaded a message to his social media to alert his following of the situation. The text is type in all caps, bringing clarity to the misconception with bold letters: “I’m not going a show in Paris Jan. 1 2019. Fake Promotion. Do not buy tickets.”

Even though Fifty probably has other considerations on his mind, he felt the need to inform his fans of the scam since he cares about their pockets. His caption specifies his intent: “I hate to see people who support me getting beat out of their money.”

Concert France’s Facebook event for the fake show has garnered over 7k “interested” clicks. It is unclear what the company is or was planning on offering concertgoers in January. A Jeremih-style doppelganger might have been entertaining, but likely a foolish move considering how Fifty’s fans have adopted his motto


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