LeBron James Backed by Hozier’s ‘Take Me to Church’ in Powerful New Beats by Dre Ad

LaBron James in a Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey

Basketball star LeBron James’ return to Cleveland is celebrated in the latest Beats by Dre commercial, which features Hozier’s hit single “Take Me to Church” playing in the background.

James, who grew up in Akron, Ohio, is returning to the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers after a four-year stint with the Miami Heat. The new Beats by Dre ad shows the athlete in the weight room preparing for another season while splicing in nostalgic shots of his hometown — all to the tune of Hozier’s gospel-tinged “Take Me to Church,” which helps give it a powerful and dramatic effect.  The 24-year-old Irish singer-songwriter recently crowned Top Rock Albums and started at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 with his self-titled full-length debut. He launched with 58,000 copies sold (with 88 percent from digital sales), according to Nielsen SoundScan. The set also opened atop the Folk Albums chart.

Diddy Opens Up During Revolt Conference Q&A: ‘Success … Turns You Into an Asshole’

Sean 'Diddy' Combs

“This is going to be like church,” he told a packed room at Miami’s Fontainebleu Hotel.

Revolt chairman and co-founder Sean Combs took the stage for his Q&A session at the Revolt Music Conference in Miami on Oct. 18 sounding more like a preacher than a CEO. “This is going to be like church,” he told the packed room, which had been outfitted with extra chairs just for his session. “It’s going to get hot in here, so take out your fans.”

And while it wasn’t exactly a gospel service, Combs’ Q&A was inspiring, but also, surprisingly honest and disarming. During the 45-minute session, Combs never took a seat, but walked back and forth onstage, microphone in hand, wearing shades and outfitted in black from head to toe. And instead of engaging in a traditional Q&A with a moderator, he only answered questions from Twitter and directly from the audience members, most of whom paid a hefty fee to attend Revolt’s inaugural conference in Miami’s Fontainebleu Hotel.

“Thank you for investing in yourselves,” said Combs, acknowledging the effort many in the young crowd — including many up and coming artists and producers — had made to come to the conference, which drew some 800 attendees (although more were at the Q&A).

“This is a dream come true. To know that the legacy is going to continue because there are people out there who care about the future and care about being somebody.”

Combs then proceeded to answer questions that ranged from the personal to the practical to the inspirational to the mundane. Combs first acknowledged his vice chairman and conference chair Andre Harrell (“You always have to remember and thank the person who gave you that first shot,” said Combs), then proceeded to underscore the importance of hard work first and foremost.

“Especially if you’re  a person of color,” he added, addressing a mixed crowd. “It’s going to be four, five times harder to accomplish. That’s what I try to tell my kids. No one’s going to give you anything here. You’re gonna have to go out there and take it. You gotta want it as bad as you want air to breathe.”

Combs was at times surprisingly humble. When asked what had been his hardest business decision, he replied: “Looking in the mirror. When you get a lot of success, it definitely turns you into an asshole. Or it magnifies who you are. Oh, I’m gonna give it to you raw now — maybe you were an asshole before. The hardest decision is you have to look from within.”

A major turning point in his career, he said, was going to a Run-D.M.C. concert and seeing Run take off his sneakers and ask everybody in the crowd to do the same. “And he’s like, ‘Whose house?’ And the crowd shouted: ‘Run’s house!’ I thought, I don’t know what that means but that’s who I want to be.”

When asked for advice, Combs offered the practical kind: Be relentless. Work hard. Follow through. Be on time. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. But there was also great insight. “Every second you are a representation of your brand,” he said when asked about the brand aspect of his business. “What you wear. How you talk. And you are representing not just yourself but your family name. I know I’m the best representation of my brand. The thing that keeps you in this game is your reputation.”

Amber Rose Laughs Off Nick Cannon Dating Rumors

Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose

Don’t believe the hype. Amber Rose is apparently not dating Nick Cannon after filing for divorce from Wiz Khalifa last month. “I was like, ‘Damn, Nick, that’s cool for you, but it ain’t happening,’ ” she told People. These days, she noted, her full attention is not on dating, but on her son, 1-year-old Sebastian. Rumors first surfaced that the pair were romantically involved on Sept. 24, shortly after it was reported that she signed to Cannon’s NCredible Entertainment management company on Sept. 18. Cannon is currently involved in a divorce of his own from Mariah Carey. “I’m focused on my son and my work. I really don’t have time for a man,” she said, adding, “I’m going through a divorce and technically I’m single, but I’m just not ready for [that].”

Since the news broke of their divorce, both Amber and Wiz have been accused of cheating. Earlier this month, Amber tweeted about the separation. “The mornings are especially hard,” she wrote. “The pain…I wake up every morning  feeling like my best friend died….. I never knew what a true heartache felt like until now.”

James Franco, Photographer Scuffle After Lana Del Rey Concert: Report

James Franco reportedly had an altercation with a photographer while leaving a Lana Del Rey concert Friday (Oct. 17) in Los Angeles. The scuffle allegedly took place after he saw Del Rey’s show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, according to TMZ. The photo posted on the website shows the actor hunched over and appears to be laughing, while the photographer is on the ground. It’s unclear what exactly happened during the incident just by looking at the snapshot. According to the report, the photographer went to the LAPD Saturday (Oct. 18) and filed a report in which he claims some of his equipment was broken. He also says he now has a minor back injury. The case will now go to the detectives, per TMZ. The actor has yet to comment on the incident.

Del Rey has another show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery slated for Saturday (Oct. 18). Del Rey’s spooky venue choice holds a lot of Hollywood history. It is the final resting place for rockers Dee Dee Ramone and Johnny Ramone, actors Mel Blanc and Rudolph Valentino, screen siren Jayne Mansfield and movie directors Cecil B. DeMille and Tony Scott.

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Encourages Maui Drug Court Graduates

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Encourages Maui Drug Court Graduates

“I’m nervous here because I’m telling you all my truth,” the Aerosmith founding member and lead singer said. “I am also a drug addict and alcoholic and fighting it every day.” As a guest speaker at the 49th Maui/Moloka’i Drug Court program graduation, Tyler encouraged graduates to continue in their recovery, in part by attending Alcoholics Anonymous and other support group meetings, as he does.

“If you stop going to AA meetings, you’re going to wind up using again,” he said. “They’re all over the island and they’re all over the world. I express my joy all because of AA.” The Drug Court marked a milestone Thursday with the 500th graduate of the program that began on Maui in August 2000.

Woman Who Brought Her 8-Month Old Baby To Bank Robbery Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison

30-year old Tanya Miller will spend the next six years in prison, which will give her plenty of time to reflect on her mistakes.

The New York Daily News reports that Miller, her boyfriend Barry Doswell and another accomplice, Kevin Docherty, hatched a plan to rob a bank in northern England.

Barry Doswell and Tanya Miller

Miller was the getaway driver while the other two entered the bank. The mother of four had her 8-month old child strapped in a car seat during the ordeal.

The three got away with $5,000, but were soon tracked down.

Kevin Docherty

Docherty, who threatened a bank teller with a knife during the robbery, was sentenced to seven years in prison. Miller and Doswell got six years each.

Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother and Kanye West Mother in law has been crying every night over Bruce Jenner’s new date

Kris Jenner has been crying every night over Bruce Jenner‘s new date … who happens to be Kris’ former best friend for the last 20 years. Kris feels utterly betrayed by Ronda Kamihira … who to this day has not said a word to her about seeing Bruce. Kris has seen photos of Bruce and Ronda in public, including the Elton John concert on Oct. 4th in L.A. She feels humiliated and played. We’re also told Kris has not confronted Bruce about Ronda — and doesn’t care if they’re banging or not. She feels Bruce being out with Ronda on dates — even casual ones — given that Ronda was a family friend with whom they vacationed and shared holidays — is just appalling. One source said Kris is “torn apart and angry.”

Snoop Dogg Signs To Pharrell’s I Am Other. New Album Will Be Produced Entirely By Skateboard P

Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams will continue their history of collaborations on Snoop’s next album.

Billboard reports that the West Coast rapper has inked a deal with Skateboard P’s I Am Other. The new album will be released in conjunction with Columbia Records.

Pharrell will produce the entire album. It will feature legendary R&B singers Charlie Wilson and Stevie Wonder..