Nick Jonas Offered Millions to Perform at RNC Concert: Report


Nick Jonas performs onstage during the kick off of the 2016 Honda Civic Tour: Future Now at Philips Arena on June 29, 2016 in Atlanta.Nick Jonas reportedly turned down millions of dollars to perform in Cleveland after the Republican National Convention in late July.

The singer was offered approximately $2 million by a “private donor” to play a free concert on July 24 as a thank-you to the people of Cleveland for hosting the RNC, TMZ reports. The show was intended to be an “All Live Matters”-themed event.

Jonas, however, wouldn’t have been able to play the event because of a pre-scheduled appearance at a Roc Nation event in New York, according to TMZ.

Justin Bieber Post Shirtless Selfies While Sporting Medical Mask During Hiking Trip

It seems Justin Bieber has finally found his “purpose” — combating air pollution!

The 22-year-old singer took to Instagram to spread the word about the quality of air in Los Angeles while on a hike on Friday, with a shirtless selfie and a medical mask.

“Air quality in la,” he captioned a shirtless shot of himself wearing the mask over his mouth. “good thing I wore my mask !!”

It seems the Biebs figured out how to properly wear the mask just in time to take a little break from his hike. Moments later, he posted a photo of himself wearing the mask while writing in a notebook, presumably jotting down lyrics to his next single about the environment.

With a busy tour schedule and a new single, Bieber just isn’t down to catch anything besides Pokémon.

Earlier this month, the “Sorry” singer and his pals played the popular game with a crowd of other Pokémon trainers in the streets of New York, and while he wasn’t wearing a mask, he still went completely unrecognized.

Kanye Wests Goes on Twitter Rant About Tidal and Apple Music, Demands Apple ‘Give Jay His Check’


The 39-year-old rapper has a bone to pick with Apple Music, and took to Twitter early Saturday morning to tell the world exactly what the media giant needs to do to get on his good side.

In a series of posts, the “Famous” rapper commented on the feud between Apple Music and Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal, attempting to solve the beef over Twitter.

In June, rumors swirled that Apple Music was looking to acquire Tidal. While there hasn’t been any official confirmation of negotiations on either end, according to West, Apple needs to just go ahead and”give Jay his check.”

“This Tidal Apple beef is f*****g up the music game,” he tweeted on Saturday morning.

“I need Tim Cook, Jay Z, Dez, Jimmy, Larry, me and Drake Scooter on the phone or in a room this week!!!” he followed up with moments later.

© Twitter The father of two then shared a little bit of wisdom like only he can: “F**k all this d**k swinging contest. We all gon be dead in 100 Years. Let the kids have the music.”

“Apple give Jay his check for Tidal now and stop trying to act like you Steve,” he concluded.

© Twitter Only time will tell whether West gets his meeting and solves the great Apple/Tidal debate.

For now, West has another feud to keep him busy — the one between his wife and Taylor Swift.

In fact, the rapper took a moment to comment on the feud while onstage at Drake’s concert earlier this week.

I’m so glad my wife has Snapchat. ‘Cause now y’all can know the truth,” he yelled out to the crowd. “And can’t nobody talk s**t about Ye no more!”

Chris Paul challenges Michael Jordan to shooting contest, Jordan doesn’t miss once

Basketball legend Michael Jordan stands on the 1st tee box during the fourball match on the second day of the Ryder Cup golf tournament, at Gleneagles, Scotland, Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014.

“His Airness” has never been one to turn down a challenge.

At Michael Jordan’s Flight School camp this week, current Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul challenged the all-time great to a wager — if he missed three shots, every camper in attendance would receive free sneakers courtesy of Jordan. Paul tried everything in his power to get MJ to miss, getting the kids to pound the floor and scream at the top of their lungs, rolling a ball at his Jordan’s feet during a shot, even covering Michael’s eyes during another …

Guess what happened? He made every single one.


That gym got quiet AWFULLY quick, just like every arena the Bulls played in during MJ’s tenure with the franchise.

The greatest there was, the greatest there is, the greatest there will ever be … Michael Jordan wins again

Will Smith Raps ‘Miami’ At ‘Suicide Squad’ Block Party, Transports Us Back To 1997

“Suicide Squad” fans got quite the treat on Monday night during what seemed like an epic block party for the film in Miami.

Members of the cast of the supervillain flick, including Margot Robbie, Karen Fukuhara and Will Smith, were in attendance to unveil a “Suicide Squad” mural created by artists Amanda Valdes and Didirok.

Michael Jackson Nephews Sue RadarOnline For $100 Million Over “Defamatory” Sexual Abuse Claims

Michael Jackson’s nephews, TJ, Taj, and Taryll Jackson, filed a $100 million libel suit against RadarOnline on Wednesday for alleging the late singer “sexually abused” the three boys who are Tito Jackson’s sons and were in the group 3T. The case was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

According to the lawsuit, RadarOnline wrongfully alleged Jackson “sexually abused young boys [and] implied that this included his ‘nephews,’ but added that his ‘family’ (which, of course, includes plaintiffs) resisted any inquiry into that criminal conduct.” Gossip Cop has reached out for a comment from an attorney for RadarOnline, who tells us, “We haven’t seen [the lawsuit] yet.”

In June, RadarOnline published a series of articles about Jackson and his alleged molestation of children. And in a June 24 story that still sits on the website, the outlet claimed, “Michael Jackson‘s sordid secret life of creepy porn and perverted art was no secret to his family…his own relatives were grilled during the past investigation into child molestation claims against him — and there were even claims he had exposed some of them to his sick fetishes!”

The site reported that after Santa Barbara Police Detectives interviewed Jackson family members during a 2003 raid on the singer’s Neverland Ranch, “Authorities even worried that he may have victimized his own relatives!” “The detectives’ report cites Michael even used sexy photos of his own nephews … in their underwear to excite young boys,” alleged a RadarOnline source.

The lawsuit contends, “Radar’s statements were entirely false and defamatory,” and that none of the singer’s nephews “was ever sexually abused by Michael Jackson or ever had any sort of sexual contact with him.” And while Jackson’s family asked for a retraction, the suit states, RadarOnline “refused to correct any of its libelous assertions about plaintiffs, thereby aggravating its wrongful conduct.” The court filing calls the RadarOnline reporting “fraudulent, oppressive and malicious,” and asks for damages of $100 million “to deter them from publishing such vicious, false and defamatory ‘reports.’”

As Gossip Cop reported in June, while Jackson was hit with several counts of sexual abuse and molestation, he was acquitted of all charges in 2005. Also at that time, the Jackson family said in a statement, “Everything in these reports… is false… Those who continue to shamelessly exploit Michael via sleazy internet ‘click bait’ ignore that he was acquitted by a jury in 2005 on every one of the 14 salacious charges brought against him in a failed witch hunt.” “Michael remains just as innocent of these smears in death as he was in life even though he isn’t here to defend himself,” added the family’s statement.

Dr. Dre Won’t Be Charged in Gun Case

In this Aug. 10, 2015, file photo, Dr. Dre arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of "Straight Outta Compton.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has decided not to pursue a gun charge against the rap mogul stemming from a confrontation on Monday with a motorist, a spokesman for the office said Wednesday.

According to the spokesman, the office declined to pursue a misdemeanor charge of exhibiting a concealed firearm against Dr. Dre — real name: Andre Young — due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

Young was handcuffed, searched and briefly detained on Monday, after a motorist told the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that a man fitting Young’s description had pointed a gun at him, after he parked in front of Young’s Malibu residence.

When questioned by deputies, Young denied pulling a gun on the motorist or threatening him, saying that the motorist had blocked his driveway and he had asked him to leave.

After the driver drove a short distance and returned to the spot, Young told deputies, he pulled out his cell phone to film the man.

No weapon was found at the scene and Young was not transported to the station.

However, according to the sheriff’s department, the motorist “initiated a private person’s arrest of Mr. Young for misdemeanor brandishing a firearm.”

Watch Melissa McCarthy, Adam Sandler, Jodie Foster and More Audition for Han Solo on


Alden Ehrenreich is officially the new Han Solo, having nabbed the role for the upcoming “Star Wars” anthology film. But the casting process wasn’t easy, and he apparently had to beat out some seriously A-list stars to score the highly coveted role.

In a clip TBS’ “Conan” aired this weekend, Melissa McCarthy, Bill Hader, Will Arnett, Jeff Goldblum, Adam Sandler, 50 Cent, Jodie Foster and “Silicon Valley’s” Thomas Middleditch and Kumail Nanjiani put on the famous smuggler’s vest and try to become a part of the franchise. Though McCarthy certainly brings conviction to her audition, the wigged “Ghostbusters” star confuses “Star Wars” for the Harry Potter franchise, and isn’t quite sure was a parsec is, confusing it for parsnips.

“Parsnips is funnier,” she assures the casting director. “No one knows what a parsec is.”

Hader, who kicks off the clip, tries to take a different approach to the Han Solo character. “He’s young, right?” he asks before launching into his best angsty teenager impression. “I wanna do the Kessel Run in 16 parsecs, Mom!”

Sandler channels his “Billy Madison” character in his audition, and Goldblum is at peak Goldblum as he vies for the role. “If I get the part, I’ll research — believe you me — what all that means so I can give it a little more credibility,” he says.

Watch all the “auditions” above. 

(When you can’t get over HIM) Ciara Files Legal Documents Claiming Future’s Disparaging Remarks Cost Her A $500K Endorsement Deal

Back in February we reported that Ciara filed a $15 million slander and libel lawsuit against her former fiance and baby’s father, Future, for allegedly bad mouthing her in interviews and on social media.

“This b!tch got control problems,” Future tweeted in January. “I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture…the fuckery for 15k a month. I jus want babyfuture that’s all. I been silent for a year & a half. I ran outta patience.”

TMZ reports that the 30-year-old singer, born Ciara Wilson, has now filed additional documents in which she claims the disparaging remarks cost her a $500,000 endorsement deal with an international cosmetics company.

Ciara contends the comments damaged her “positive reputation” and painted her as a bad parent who is “controlling, dishonest, malicious, unreasonable, evil, conniving,” which caused the cosmetic company to back away from doing business with her.

Earlier this month the “Goodies” hit maker amended her defamation lawsuit to include claims that Future, real name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, was going to kill her husband Russell Wilson,

Ciara cited lyrics in his song “Juice” as proof.

“Tryna f*ck  my baby mama, dog what’s up with you? You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you,” Future raps in the song.

Cici is one of four women the rapper has kids with, however she is convinced her former fiance is talking about her.

She also claims that emojis her-ex posted on social media a while back with guns pointing at footballs were warnings to Wilson, who is the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

In April, Future filed a countersuit against his ex, but later asked a judge to dismiss it after he was granted joint custody of their son 2-year old son, Future Zahir Wilburn, in May.

Taylor Swift using Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ ‘to play the victim’


It’s unlikely that the argument over whether Taylor Swift knew about Kanye West’s line about her in “Famous” will be resolved anytime soon.

Kim Kardashian told GQ last month Swift “totally approved” the now infamous line — “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b—- famous” — ahead of time. In a new Keeping up With The Kardashians clip, Kardashian explains why she publicly spoke out for her husband West.

“I never talk s— about anyone, like publicly, especially in interviews, but I was just like, ‘I’ve so had it,'” Kardashian tells her sister, Kourtney. “I just felt like I wanted to defend him in it. Because it’s like, she legitimately, quote, says, ‘As soon as I get on that Grammy red carpet, I’m gonna tell all the press I was in on it.'”

Swift and her camp have repeatedly denied approving the “Famous” lyrics. “Taylor does not hold anything against Kim Kardashian as she recognizes the pressure Kim must be under and that she is only repeating what she has been told by Kanye West,” her reps said after the GQ interview. “However, that does not change the fact that much of what Kim is saying is incorrect.”

In the Keeping up With The Kardashians clip, Kourtney follows up by asking if Swift allegedly backtracked because she didn’t like the reaction to the line. “Yeah, and just another way to play the victim. Definitely got her a lot of attention the first time,” Kim Kardashian replies. “I just don’t think that [West] should be punished for [the 2009 VMAs] still to this day.” Kim added that Swift helped West rewrite the line during their phone call.

“I’ve had it with people blatantly treating my husband a certain way and making him look a certain way,” she adds. “At this point, I really don’t give a f—, so I will do whatever to protect my husband.”