Russell Westbrook Says He Has More Fashion ”Swag” Than Dwyane Wade, Wants to Collaborate With Kanye West

Russell Westbrook, True Religion

Russell Westbrook knows one game he can always win against Dwyane Wade. It’s the quest to be crowned fashion king of the NBA.

“Yes, I can say that I am,” the Oklahoma City Thunder stud exclusively told E! News this weekend at True Religion’s flagship store in Brooklyn, New York. “I definitely take pride in dressing up and being creative in what I wear so it’s good.”

But you have to admit, Gabrielle Union‘s husband can also dress to impress on red carpets right, Russell?

“He has his individual swag,” True Religion’s newest creative director explained. “But yah, I have the most. I mean of course I got the best swag.”

All that confidence got us thinking. Perhaps one of the NBA’s best dunkers would like to collaborate with another high-profile designer in Hollywood. What about the one and only Kanye West?!

“If the opportunity came about, definitely. I have a creative mind and I am doing lots of great things in fashion…I know we could figure something out together,” he shared. “I just don’t know just yet.”

He added, “It would be cool to sit down with him and pick his brain and see how he sees things.”

For now, Russell is all about owning his own style that likely includes a variety of glasses. But before you doubt his vision, the NBA All-Star assures us it’s just another element to his all-around swag.

“I see perfectly fine,” he confessed. “It’s just something to add to my outfit.”


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