Jay Z Freestyle on TV for the First Time Ever 25 Years Ago

Jay Z

Jay Z is one of the most well-known, successful and influential figures in the entertainment industry. But that wasn’t always the case.

A super throwback video of the rapper’s first-ever freestyle on television from—wait for it—25 years ago (!) has hit the Internet for our viewing pleasure. Bless technology.

The vintage clip shows a young and lanky Hov sporting a hightop fade and quietly (except for a few moments when he lets out his famous laugh) sitting next to hip-hop icon Big Daddy Kane during an interview on BET’s Rap City to promote Kane’s Taste Of Chocolate. Eventually, host Prime asked Jigga to kick a freestyle to close the segment, in what ultimately became Jay’s debut TV rap appearance.

What’s even crazier? They never even once mentioned his name! He proceeds to bust out a fast-paced tongue twister in his signature tone, while dropping his name a few times and concluding with “Peace.”


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