50 Cent & G-Unit x USA Today: Talk ‘The Beast Is G-Unit’ EP, Reunion, Modern Rap Revelance, 50 Recording Champion With Eminem, In Da Club, Music Landscape

50 Cent sat down with USA Today to discuss recording ‘Champion’ with Eminem, how much did it take to him to write ‘In Da Club’, how he feels about the music landscape, Taraji P. Henson and Chelsea Handler.

G-Unit also sat down with USA Today to discuss their reunion, ‘The Beast Is G-Unit’ EP, modern rap relevance and more.
“Once we got back together and laid everything out on the table, I think we realized we never had a beef amongst each other. What you’ve seen play out with G-Unit in the past, I don’t think you’ll ever see again. We’re older now, and some of the things that we did back then we just don’t do now, because it’s not in our nature.” says Young Buck.

It helps that “I’ve learned to stop myself from saying things I don’t mean,” 50 says. “We’ve had enough time around each other where we can identify the defects of character, so we can make sure we don’t experience the same thing again.”

Lloyd Banks believes the Rap genre is supposed to evolve saying: “I just think it’s stupid say what’s hip-hop or not, you know what I’d ask them, the same (people) who critique and criticize? ‘If Iggy sent you a record, would you work with her?’ Because if Iggy sent me a record, I’m doing it.”

“You can’t stay in the cookie-cutter mentality, doing the same thing you used to do when things are dramatically changing around you,” 50 says. “You’ve got a guy who says he’s been in the music business for 20 years? Listen carefully to what they say after that, because he probably has no (expletive) idea what’s going on. “That business was a whole different thing from what it is today.”

Read the full story in today’s issue of USA Today.


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