Nicki Minaj @ BBC Radio 1 Xtra: Talks About Lil Wayne & Birdman Beef, Meek Mill, Tyga, ‘Truffle Butter

Nicki Minaj calls up BBC Radio 1 Xtra to chop it up with Charlie Sloth. Nicki opens up about the recent Cash Money drama, relationship with Meek Mill, her “Truffle Butter” song, Tyga, Chris Brown having a baby and more.
Nicki spoke a bit about the situation of Lil Wayne and Birdman and she didn’t clear about taking any side.

“I don’t think it’ll ever get to that point. People know I love Wayne and I have loyalty towards him, but I love Baby too. I’m very close with Baby and I don’t think people know that. So I’m banking on the fact that they’re going to work this out like family. I mean, they’ve gone through things before, just like family does. I’m not even going to think that way” said Minaj.

During the interview she also mentioned Tyga, who publicly bashed Minaj on Twitter, which Nicki revealed was over her song.

“The song was on my album, and *we don’t know how* but it magically ended up in Tyga’s hands, and I told him ‘that’s my song’,” she said. “I told him me and Drake were going to be on it, and low and behold, it leaked with him on it after I told him not to put it out. I thought that was a little bit disrespectful because I had always shown him love.”

The two have since worked things out according to her. “He texted me later, and he apologized, and he said ‘you always were there for me’ and I respected him for saying that,” she added.

The leak certainly didn’t hurt the song’s radio play, which is strong enough that Nicki isn’t even planning a video.

“Truffle Butter” is the #1 Urban/Rhythmic song in America without a video, so it’s like when a song is that successful without a video, I don’t know if we need one,” she explained. “It was just for the streets, for the love, we weren’t really gonna shoot a video to be honest.”


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