Producer The Alchemist Talks Working With Nas, Coming From Beverly Hills, Being White In Hip Hop

The clip commences with the veteran MC turned beatsmith being challenged to name his favorite artists to work with, and Alchemist names a legendary emcee in his response. “This is not the most fun or favorite artist, but I feel like I need to get back in with Nas again. It’s been a long time since we’ve worked [together].”

Soon the conversation turns to how Hip-Hop impacted his life as an adolescent growing up in Beverly Hills. Revealing that he’s never really pondered it, Al adds, “Rap was raising us. In Beverly Hills — or wherever people were growing up — at that time we were raised off of Rap — “Yo! MTV Raps,” [and 93.5] KDAY radio.” He lightens the mood by adding, “I dunno, I guess I’m like the hardest sh*t to ever come out of Beverly Hills. I outdid Lenny Kravitz; that was my competition.”

Next, Alchemist speaks on how his race has affected his musical maturation. The acclaimed producer maintains, “We know how the world is; we all know what exists in the world.” He explains that there have never been in “incidents” where racism prevented his creativity from flourishing. Al reiterates, “You listen to music; you close your eyes and listen to the sh*t.”


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