Kendall Jenner Rocks Sports Bra, Skintight Spandex on Hike With Jaden Smith and Friends

Kendall Jenner AKM-GSI

Kendall Jenner, Jaden Smith and a group of friends went wild Saturday—for real!

The teens took over the trails in Malibu, hiking through the picturesque woods while soaking up the sunshine and enjoying each other’s company. Kendall, 19, looked particularly chic on the healthy hangout, showing off her fit, model physique in a sports bra paired with skintight spandex leggings.

Jaden, 16, has been friends with the Kardashian-Jenner clique for years now. There were rumors that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son and Kylie Jenner, 17, were an item, but the twosome (mostly) downplayed their relationship, claiming time after time they were just friends.

Jaden Smith AKM-GSI

Last year, the Keeping Up With the Kardashans star told Cosmopolitan a bit about her romantic history, saying, “I don’t want to say [I’ve been in love] twice, but so far I’ve had two really strong infatuations.”

She didn’t name names (ahem, Jaden) but she did confirm her “last relationship lasted almost three years.”

These days, though, there’s a new man whose name is in the headlines with Kylie: Tyga! These two neither confirm nor deny their status, though—as the 25-year-old rapper said in a recent interview, it’s “nobody’s business” if he’s “in love” with Kylie.

Kylie Jenner, Tyga Raffi/

“If you’re around somebody, and you love being around that person, that’s all that matters,” Tyga told 92.3 AMP radio. “I don’t feel like what anybody could say would change that… how I feel for her as a person… She’s just a good person, she’s got great energy.”

So….that’s that! Back to Jaden and another Jenner gal, though—don’t get any ideas there. Kendall has long refuted any romance rumors along those lines. “He is like my little brother,” she once told E! News, laughing that it was “so funny” anyone would think otherwise.


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