Several Luxury Cars Outside Of An Atlanta Studio Connected To Rick Ross Riddled With Bullets

Atlanta police are investigating an early Monday morning, July 6, shooting that left several luxury cars riddled with bullets.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the shooting happened at Twelve Studios, which houses rapper Rick Ross’ UDigg Studios.

A Mercedes CL63 that retails for over $150,000, a  late-model Corvette and an Infiniti G35 were riddled with bullets.

According to the incident report, two women told police they were inside one of the music studios when they “heard (a) loud noise that sounded like fireworks but were actually gunshots.”

One of the women told police she went to check on her vehicle when she saw shattered glass on the floor in the studio.

Officers found eight .40-caliber shell casings in the street in front of the studio. Three cars were damaged by the gunfire, which also shattered a glass window of the building, according to police. No injuries were reported.

Authorities don’t think Ross, real name William Roberts, was involved in the incident. However this is the third time within a month that the rapper’s name has been linked to an incident involving the police.

On June 10th he was busted for marijuana possession in Fayette County, Georgia. On June 24th, Ross and his bodyguard, Nadrian James, were arrested and charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

The rapper allegedly pistol whipped a groundskeeper at his Fayette County residence, chipping two of his teeth and injuring his jaw. The worker was reportedly not allowed to leave.

Ross was released from jail on July 1st, after posting $2 million bail, which included $1 million equity from the ex-Evander Holyfield mansion he owns, another Georgia property, $500,000 surety bond (from a bail bondsman) and $500k in cash.


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