Jordin Sparks Talks Finding Love With Sage the Gemini

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks upcoming new album, Right Here Right Now, has been a labor of love for the 25-year old.

She has been working on this album for the past six years and she tells E! News, “Nineteen to 25 is a pretty big growth spurt and I’ve been able to grow, learn, and experiment with different parts of my voice, and I feel like people will really get to hear that on this album.”

“I’m still trying to figure things out,” she added. “I feel like the 20s, you’re learning who you are, you’re figuring out really what you love, and what you like.”

Jordin Sparks, Twitter

In addition to new tunes, Sparks also has a new love in her life and she gushed to E! News about her new boyfriend, Sage the Gemini.

“He’s just an amazing guy,” she described the rapper. “He’s very sweet. He’s got a big heart. He cherishes me, he just makes me feel so loved, and I feel like that’s how anybody would feel in a relationship.”

Jordin Sparks

The two artists have hectic schedules, and Sparks thanks technology for being able to stay in touch.

“As with anything if you really want something, if you really want something to work, you’ll figure out a way to do it,” she mused. “If you don’t, you’ll make an excuse.” The two fly back and forth to visit each other on days off or they meet in the middle, and Sparks says “it can be a little crazy, but that time is so worth it.”

The past 12 months in particular have been very transformative for the star, who won American Idol eight years ago.

“I know now, there was a lot I needed to experience, to go through, to learn, and I feel like before on my album, I was young, I was a kid,” she said. “I sang these songs, and I was able to emote, but I hadn’t gone through what I was singing about. So, now fast-forward, when you hear a love song, I know what that feels like now, you’ll feel that.”

All these experiences have made Sparks the woman she is today, so she has also decided to pay it forward, teaming with Monster High to celebrate the importance of being unique, embracing our differences, and celebrating individuality.

“I have music right here right now, I’m coming into my own right here right now, all we have is right here right now,” she told us, “so it’s definitely a theme.”

Right Here Right Now is out Aug. 21.


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