Kanye West Thinks Kylie Jenner Can Be A Big Hip Hop & Pop Star. Will Produce 1st Single For Her 18th Birthday Present

Back in June we reported that Tyga and Kanye West were helping Kylie Jenner with her debut album. The 17-year old was said to be working on music similar to that of singer Tinashe.

It appears the youngest Jenner’s first single will be produced by West.

According to Hollywood Life, Yeezy envisions his sister-in-law as being the next big thing and he wants to make her 18th birthday special by giving her this gift.

“He really sees greatness in her and has always told her he wants to help bring it out of her,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Kanye thinks Kylie could be a huge name in hip hop and pop and wants to help her get her foot in the door. He says he wants to give her the gift of producing her first single. He thinks that is a gift that even money can’t buy!”

Kylie’s 18th birthday is on August 10, but the big celebration won’t come until the 8 days later when she will hit up the Beachclub in Montreal, QC.

TMZ reports that she will be paid between $100,000 and $200,000, for the appearance.

Do you think Kylie will make it in the world of music?

Additional source: Lifestyle Mag


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