Beyoncé Pregnant


For about a month now speculation has been swirling that Beyoncé may or may not be pregnant. Whether or not the rumor is true, time will tell. What we do know for sure is all the twittering about her tummy started when Queen B began covering her midriff from the paparazzi. Or to give another perspective: Around the time the Grammy winner started carrying her accessories front and center—as evidence by her handling of laptops, purses, iPhone and cameras.

Now it could just be that she wants to show off her purses—they are really, really amazing bags after all. And as for the laptop, maybe she’s putting the finishing touches on her new album that’s stored on her personal computer and doesn’t trust anyone else with its handling—it’s called preventing leaks, people!

In short: Who knows why Beyoncé does the things she does. For now the Internet will just have to be obsessed with the mystery of Sasha Fierce’s new schlepping style. So go ahead see why everyone is fixated on Bey’s accessories—and share your best theories below.


Her Left Hand: It could be that her shirt got tucked into her shorts and she’s adjusting the fabric—Gotta stay breezing in these sweltering temps, aimrite?


Givenchy Bag: Everyone knows Riccardo Tisci is a good friend of Bey’s. Perhaps she wanted to show him some serious street style love in the form of not-so-casual product placement.


Gucci Purse: This bag is $2,900. We’d be flaunting it too if we could afford it.


Apple MacBook: Like we mention previously (and can only hope!) maybe she’s coming from the studio, fresh tracks in hand!


Dannijo Purse: Well, how else would she carry her bag? It couldn’t go over her shoulders because she’s wearing her blazer cape-style.


iPhone: It’s 2015, who doesn’t have their cell in their hands at all time?


Charlotte Olympia Bag: This clutch totally completes the outfit, guys. She wanted to make sure we didn’t miss it.


Her Left Hand (again): This time her hand is in position and ready just in case someone tries to snatch her precious laptop. You can never be too careful these days!


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