Rihanna Covers The Fader’s 100th Issue


After Drake, Rihanna is the second celebrity to be featured on the 100th issue of The Fader magazine. Unlike Drizzy’s cover story, readers get no quotes from Riri, she apparently only granted Fader five questions to ask.

“All photos of Rihanna, at this point in her career, have layers of artifice. We wanted to see what would happen if we were able to pull some of that away, The FADER’s 100th issue reckons with the changes in music and media since The FADER’s launch: today there are fewer music magazines than ever, which makes The FADER’s job bigger, and means we are more responsible than ever for contextualizing the work of major artists like Drake and Rihanna. At the same time, there are more ways and more places for artists to tell their own stories than ever before, and this is one example of that. These photos, like the entirety of this issue, reflect on the changing relationship between artists and media” said The FADER’s editor-in-chief, Naomi Zeichner. 

Becoming Rihanna

Becoming Rihanna

Becoming Rihanna

Becoming Rihanna

Becoming Rihanna

Becoming Rihanna


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