Drake And Future’s ‘WATTBA’ Suffers Major Sales Drop


After selling 334,000 pure albums in the first week and giving it one of the biggest sales weeks this year, Drake and Future‘s WATTBA has reportedly sold 65,000 albums in week 2, an 81% decline in sales, one of the worst declines for a #1 album from a debut week to a second week in Hip Hop history.

Drizzy and Hendrix aren’t the only artist to ever have a huge first week in sales and fall off by the second week. Check out some other albums that dropped off extra hard in the second week:

Drake and Future's "WATTBA" Suffers 81% Drop In Album Sales
Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park (83% – 144,000 to 25,000)
Kanye West’s Yeezus (80% – 327,000 to 65,000)
Jay Z’s Kingdom Come (79% – 680,000 to 140,000)
Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (78% – 496,000 to 108,000).


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