Master P On Khloe Kardashian’s Sudden Devotion To Lamar Odom: “She Was Just By James Harden’s Side Last Week”


Master P certainly ruffled some feathers last week after he called out Khloe Kardashian and Kobe Bryant for being “phony” when it comes to Lamar Odom. “The woman that’s sitting by his side right now…She was sitting by James Harden last week,” he recently told CeCe of 93.5 KDAY Radio.

“I think what I said was too harsh,” he admitted. “The word I said was phony, maybe everybody didn’t get it. What I should’ve said [was] ‘they [were] doing the most.'” Master P – whose known Lamar Odom over 15 years and considers himself a mentor to him – says he only chose to speak on it since he knows the Odom family personally. “The thing about me, I come from the hood – if I don’t know something I’m not gonna talk on it, that’s just me. Like, I knew these people.”

When speaking on Khloe specifically, Master P told CeCe “I met her one time, so I can’t say nothing bad about her. I’m just telling you – from what I see – if I seen you with another dude, I see you doing your thing with James Harden now…it’s just kind of strange for me, from a person that know…Think about it. If my ex-wife and her attorneys come down there and do that, I’m [gonna] wake up.”
Watch as Master P describes the “fake love” he feels was displayed last week and his relationship with Lamar below.


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