This Young Girl’s Only Wish Is to Meet Taylor Swift Before She Loses Her Hearing

Jorga, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has had an impact on so many people, and now she could help change the life of another very special young girl.

Jorja, a 12-year-old from Sydney, Australia, has been diagnosed with bilateral inner-ear loss and has slowly been losing her hearing for some time now. Looking for some sort of comfort during the difficult times that doctors attempted to fix her hearing problems, she sought out T. Swift (as many of us do) to bring joy to her ears for as long as she can.

Sadly, doctors informed Jorja a few weeks ago that her hearing had gotten progressively worse and she would, in fact, eventually go deaf. The first thing she said when she found out was, “I won’t be able to hear Taylor Swift sing.”

Thus, her twin sister, Chloe, thought of the most amazing idea: figure out a way for Jorja to meet Swift before she loses her hearing entirely. She started a Facebook page called “Help Jorja Meet Taylor Swift in Syndey 2015” to hopefully raise awareness around the story and catch the country-turned-pop singer’s attention.

Chloe wrote on the page, “My inspiration, my sister is going deaf and her one wish is to meet Taylor swift in Sydney 2015. Let’s get this viral so Taylor swift notices! Love Chloe.”

Though Chloe understands what she’s trying to do is a “long shot” (as she’s pointed on in one post), her support for her sister is so inspiring.

We can’t wait to see if Jorja’s dreams come true. To help make it happen and follow her story, check out the Facebook campaign here.


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