Alessandra Ambrosio & Cristiano Ronaldo Are Almost Nude and Smoking Hot Together on GQ Cover

Alessandra Ambrosio, Cristiano Ronaldo, GQ

Victoria’s Secret Angel and Brazillian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and Portuguese soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo pose together, very cozily, and devoid of most clothing on the cover of GQ’s “Body” issue, which was released on Saturday. And daaaaamn did the magazine pick the perfect pair.

Sporting black string bikini bottoms, the always gorgeous Ambrosio, 34, wraps one arm and a knee around the shirtless, chiseled, perfect body of Ronaldo, 30, who is wearing nothing but a pair of red Speedos. Oh, and a watch. And a silver rope chain necklace.

The two “have the best bodies of any two humans on earth” so they “were no brainers” for the cover, GQ said.

Both Ambrosio and Ronaldo have often posed for sexy photo shoots. The soccer star put his un-retouched body on display in an underwear ad campaign last year.


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