Shirtless Justin Bieber Really Wants to Show Off His New Purple Hair in Nothing But a Barely-There Towel

Justin Bieber, Instagram

When it’s time to show off a brand-new haircut, many people choose to snap a casual selfie outside the hair salon. Some may want to debut it at a special event or party. Or if you’re Justin Bieber, you show it off in nothing but a gym towel.

After teasing fans about his new haircut Friday night, the “Sorry” singer took to Instagram Saturday morning where he shared not one but two shirtless selfies. In both shots, fans got a clear view of his purple hair and a little more thanks to that extra low shower accessory.

“Back in the gym,” he wrote on Instagram with his signature Calvin Kleinunderwear nowhere to be found.

Justin Bieber, Instagram

The purple ombré style reminds us of a new trend some are calling the “mermaid hair.” In the Biebs case, the singer opted for a darker shade in the back with a grayish lavender color in the front.

In an added twist, teenagers noticed another young famous face change up her hair this weekend. Little Mix singer Jada Thirlwall also debuted a new color that proves this style really may be a hit.

Jade Thirlwall, Instagram

“Grey…shante you stay,” she captioned on Instagram after snapping a perfectly normal selfie.

Putting hairstyles aside, Justin has a big reason to hit the gym on a regular basis. The pop star is gearing up for his first world tour in nearly three years with a start date just around the corner. While making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Biebs announced the Purpose World Tour kicks off March 9, 2016 in Seattle





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