Ciara Hits Future With $15 Million Slander Lawsuit Over Comments Criticizing Her Concerning Their Son *UPDATE* Future Considering Filing A Counter-Suit


Future’s split from former fiancee Ciara has been bitter and it just got worse.

In a July 2015 interview with The Breakfast Club, Future was highly critical of his baby’s mother over a photo of her current boyfriend, Russell Wilson, pushing their one-year old son Future Zahir Wilburn in a stroller.

“You never do that in our community,” the rapper said at the time. “You don’t even bring a man around your son. You’ve only known this dude for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kid. Who does that?”

Charlamagne Tha God suggested that Wilson shouldn’t have put himself in that position.

“He probably didn’t know,” Future replied. “She set him up. I’m not for the publicity stunts. Leave my son out of the publicity stunts.”

Last month the “Honest” hit maker took his feud with Ciara to Twitter, accusing her of making him jump through hoops to see his son.

“This b**** got control problems,” he wrote. “I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture…the fuckery for 15k a month. I jus want babyfuture that’s all. I been silent for a year & a half. I ran outta patience.”

Ciara has fired back by filing a $15 million slander and libel lawsuit against her ex.

TMZ reports the suit states that the singer has done everything she can to make sure Future gets frequent visitation, claiming he has had at least 19 visitations since December 2014.

Cici wants her baby’s father barred from making more malicious public statements about her. She also is asking that all derogatory tweets be deleted and for Future to refrain from talking about private family matters regarding their son.

**UPDATE** February 10

Future Hendrix is considering filing his own lawsuit in response to Ciara’s. TMZ reports that he is waiting to see the documents from his former fiancee before deciding whether or not to pursue legal action of his own.

The 32-year old rapper, real name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, claims Ciara has been doing the same thing she’s accusing him of, A source within his camp says he could have sued Ciara over her 2015 single titled “I Bet,” but decided not to. The song is widely believed to be about Future’s infidelity when the two were together.

“So I’m supposed to believe that it’s Fellini’s calling your phone? / I’m supposed to believe that they’re asking you if you’re home? / I wasn’t born yesterday, not me / Can’t get that over me, not me / I love you, but I won’t be a fool for you / That is just something that I wouldn’t do, babe / I mean, I’mma stay if you could tell the truth / But you can’t, no matter how much time I ask,” she sings.


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