Iggy Azalea Admits Her Haters Made Her Want To Commit Suicide: “There Were Times When I Wanted To Quit Life”


It’s almost impossible to last in the rap game without having really thick skin. Trolls, haters, critics and other artists who might be looking to take your spot can be venomous via comments on social networking sites, diss songs or in the media.

In 2011, Iggy Azalea, was just starting to gain some attention. She wasn’t close to becoming mainstream at the time, but the song “Pu$$y” off of her “Ignorant Art”mixtape showed that she had potential.


In 2012, the Australian rapper became the first female to be named to XXL’s Freshman Class. Just like that she became embroiled in a Twitter beef with Harlem rapper Azealia Banks.

Banks tweeted that Azalea didn’t deserve the spot and criticized her for what she considered to be racist lyrics.

“Tire marks, tire marks, finish line with the fire marks / When the relay starts I’m a runaway slave-master,” Azalea rapped on the 2011 song, “D.R.U.G.S.”

When 2014 rolled around Azalea’s career took off with the help of the smash hit single “Fancy” off of her debut album, “The New Classic.”

The success brought her millions of new fans and also a legion of critics. Some wondered if she was a “culture vulture” that got an easy ride to the top because of her skin color.

Azalea now admits that the negativity ate away at her. In a new interview with Power 106’s “The Cruz Show,” she admits to contemplating suicide.

“There were so many times I was like, ‘That’s the lowest [point].’ Then it was like ‘No, no, we’re going a little lower.'” Azalea said. “Then I was like ‘Oh, it’s over.’ And then it was like Erykah Badu [comments] at Soul Train like, ‘Nah, syke … still there!’ And I was like ‘Oh, it’s still a thing! Why? Why is it even still a thing? I haven’t released music for a year … it’s still a thing.’ I don’t know when the lowest was. There were times when I wanted to quit life … the whole thing, really. Sometimes I would drive through the canyons to get to my horses and I’d be like, ‘What if I just kept driving off the canyon?’ Sometimes I would feel like that. It wasn’t the comments. People made it seem … and it’s like people in the industry that I work with too were like, ‘This is it for your career now, so what are you gonna do?’ I live in this country on a work visa and if I don’t have a job that means I go home. And my whole life is here.

That’s like a lot for someone to deal with,” she continued. “I spent a decade living in America. For somebody to come, when I didn’t feel like I did anything to be deserving of that much hate. To be like, ‘OK we’re taking everything from you.’ What you do, your friends, everything could be totally gone, that’s a lot. And it can make a person feel like ‘Well, what do I have left to live for?'”

Azalea credits her fiance, Nick Young, with helping her make it through the rough moments.


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