Birdman Goes In On The Breakfast Club Hosts: “I’m Telling All 3 Of Y’all, Stop Playing With My F*cking Name.” Gets Into War Of Words With Charlamagne, Then Walks Out On Interview

Birdman was in no mood to play when he stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk withCharlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee.

The Cash Money Records co-owner went on the offensive right off the bat, telling the hosts to stop disparaging his name.

“Im gon’ start this sh!t off straight, telling all three of y’all stop playing with my name,” Baby began before even sitting down. “Stop playing with my f*cking name. Stop playing with my name. I ain’t gon’ say it again. N!gga, when my name come up respect it.”

“Get it off your chest Birdman,” Charlamagne says. “‘Cause I don’t understand the angle”

“I said it already. I ain’t gotta talk no more,” the business mogul responded.

“So why come here?” Charlamagne asks.

“I did it already. I’m here so what’s happening?” an increasingly agitated Birdman shot back.

Charlamagne continued to press the issue. “I’m all good, but why come here just to curse us out?”

“I wanted to see you. I wanted to talk to you as a man in your face,” Baby responded. “I knew a few places you was at. I could have pulled up, but I don’t think that was gangster. I wanted to come look you in your face like a man and tell you how I feel.”

“So what’s the issue?” Charlamagne quizzed.

“It ain’t no issue,” Birdman told him. “If it was a issue you’d feel me. I just come to let y’all know, put some respect on my name. You understand me? When y’all saying my name put some respect on it.”

Charlamagne then got a little bolder “Did you pull up on Ross that way or Trick Daddy?”

“I’m pulling up on you, n!gga,” the leader of the Rich Gang told him.

“But I’m the radio guy,” said Charlamagne. “Don’t act tough with the radio guy.”

“Hey, my n!gga … y’all finished or ya’ll done? I ain’t got no more talking,’ Baby said before walking out on the interview.


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