Jennifer Lopez can’t escape ‘mommy guilt’

Jennifer Lopez often questions her mothering skills when immersed with work.

The multitalented entertainer, who is also mother to eight-year-old twins Max and Emme, is on a serious roll after revamping her career with a spot on U.S. TV talent show American Idol.

Now she’s starring in U.S. TV cop drama Shades of Blue while performing her Las Vegas residency All I Have, but J.Lo admits all the work obligations are a real challenge sometimes when she has to get home to put her kids to bed.

And that’s something the 46-year-old feels remorseful about often.

“If I get lost in my work for a little while (I feel ‘mommy guilt’),” she explains during a forthcoming episode of PBS series Actors on Actors. “I feel so guilty when I come out of that haze. Like, ‘Oh God, it’s been seven hours and I haven’t even checked on them. What is wrong with me? What kind of mother are you?’”

Jennifer doesn’t struggle with this feeling for long though – she relies on a team of helpers to assist with parenting her children.

“It’s having good people to help you take care of those kids,” she stresses.

Jennifer also ensures she doesn’t spend too much time apart from her tots, revealing they often come and hang out with mum on the Shades of Blue set.

“My kids visit me at the set,” she shares. “They have a room on the set so after school they come right there. I try to shoot this show in the summer so it’s only a couple of months that I’m doing the show when they’re in school. We work it out and have a life and this is their life.”


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