Lord Jamar On Amber Rose’s “Slutwalk”: “It’s Some Dumb Sh!t. Sl*ts Should Be Shamed” @UZINIGERDELTA

Amber Rose held her second annual “SlutWalk” in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 1. Supporters of Rose’s movement argue that the event empowers women.

Critics like Brand Nubian rapper and socially conscious speaker, Lord Jamar, believe it’s immoral.

Jamar recently sat down with VladTV to discuss Rose and her “Slutwalk.”

“A SlutWalk is some dumb sh!t,” Jamar said. “That’s my take on it. [It’s] some stupid sh!t. If my son’s mother appeared at a Slutwalk with my son, I’d be tight like a motherf*cker. What the f*ck are you doing at a Slutwalk? The sh!t that we embrace in this society. The sh!t we try to justify … it’s truly insane. And now that done give [Rose] a show and a platform to promote this sh!t even more.”

“Sl*ts should be shamed,” he continued. “Nobody, male or female, should be running around f*cking everybody. Me entering a woman is different than a woman being entered, but that’s a whole “nother thing right there” But all of this sh!t about a woman should be able to do … dress however the f*ck she wants. Even if her p*ssy’s hanging out and her a$$ is all out and her breasts is all out. And anything that she does should be OK and she shouldn’t be shamed for it? Shame is necessary in society. Shame is necessary to curtail unwanted behaviors. Equal is not identical. Don’t try to compare a man’s sh!t to a woman’s sh!t because it’s not the same.”



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