Why Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Split (and How It Impacts the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show)

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E! News confirmed Thursday that the on-again, off-again couple recently decided to end their 18-month romance. While Hadid and The Weeknd “are both still very much in love with each other,” a source tells E! News “they know they needed to officially break things off for a while.”

Hadid and The Weeknd first split 11 months ago, only to reunite soon after.

The exes fell victim to a common issue among Hollywood couples: scheduling. “This is not the end,” the source says. However, Hadid and The Weekend both “need to ‘do them’ for a while.”

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Not even those in their inner circle saw the latest split coming. At Hadid’s 20th birthday party in New York Oct. 9, “Things seemed perfect to all their close friends, but they both were dealing with many weeks of conflicting schedules that led to not seeing each other for a while,” the source says. Once again, Hadid and The Weeknd’s clashing calendars “resulted in some fights.”

Indeed, both stars’ jobs have taken them all over the globe. Recently, Hadid booked a spot in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, taping in Paris in November and airing Dec. 5 on CBS. The Weeknd, meanwhile, has been traveling to promote his third album, Starboy, available Nov. 25.

The exes will soon cross paths, as The Weeknd is set to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (in addition to Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars). “Bella was so excited that she’s walking in the Victoria’s Secret Show this year, and she knows it may be a bit strange having her ex perform,” the source says. “She will be OK, because she’ll have all her best friends there.”

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In the meantime, the source says Hadid has been surrounding herself with “close friends” as she reevaluates things. “She is really sad about this because The Weeknd is the love of her life.”

Neither Hadid nor The Weeknd have publicly commented on their split.


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